CUIMC Update – August 3, 2022

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Columbia Pediatric Heart Transplant Patient Fulfills Dream of Picking in Football Draft
Sam Prince, who was born with a rare and complex congenital heart defect, had his wish to announce that he was awarded the first pick in the New York Giants draft 11 years after receiving a life-saving heart transplant at Columbia. Read and watch more about the history of Sam’s Make-A-Wish.

The Key to the Locks: Columbia Team Breakthrough Led to Hair Loss Treatment
Columbia’s research led to the first systemic treatment developed specifically for severe alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. “The impact on patients has been truly transformational,” says Angela M. Christiano, PhD, who led the research. Read More.

Last wave of COVID projected to peak in August
A new study from the Mailman School of Public Health found that the current wave of COVID-19 cases led by the BA.5 variant is expected to peak in August nationally. In New York City, cases are already declining. Read more.

Virtual therapy can help teens and young adults with social anxiety
An innovative program at the Columbia Anxiety and Related Disorders Clinic uses virtual reality therapy to help youth with social anxiety disorder. Therapy allows teens and young adults to engage and navigate social situations that trigger anxiety, increasing the likelihood that treatment will ultimately be successful. Read more.

Caffeine and Children
More children drink caffeine every day. How much is too much? David Buchholz, MD, discusses the negative effects of caffeine on children and what parents can do to prevent them. Read more.


StudioLab DrawingBoard
Wednesday, 6 p.m., online
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CUIMC Web Services Business Hours
August 3, 3 pm, online
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Orientation for Newly Arrived J-1 Professors and Researchers from ISSO
August 16, 11 a.m., Zoom
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Situational Awareness Training
August 19, 10 am, online
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Special seminar on the biology of aging with Dr. Jan Hoeijmakers
August 22, 3 pm, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
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New Frontiers in Cancer Research and Care: The Next 50 Years
September 15, 1:30 pm, Vagelos Educational Center
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marissa spanndoctorate and Christoph JuchemPhD, Psychiatry: $5,302,478 over four years from the National Institute of Mental Health for “mChoice: Improving PrEP Acceptance and Adherence Among Minority MSM Through Customized Provider Training and Adherence Assistance in Two High-Priority Settings” .

chin howMD, Medicine: $4,226,585 over five years from the National Cancer Institute for “Comparative modeling of disparities and prevention of gastric cancer in the US and worldwide.”

Dritan AgalliuPhD, Neurology: $1,878,542 over two years from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to “Evaluate the effects of peripheral immune activation in NVU after TBI using a vascularized and perfused human blood/BBB model.”

chaolin zhangPhD, Systems Biology: $3,006,392 over five years from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke for “RNA Regulatory Networks in Neuronal Cell Type Diversity and Function.”

rodney joel rothsteinPhD, Genetics and Development: $3,924,540 over five years from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences for “Molecular mechanisms underlying recombination in DNA double-strand breaks and stalled replication forks.”


julianna soares-linnMD, ICAP: $10,150,000 over five years from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief for “GH20-2024 Achieve and maintain control of the epidemic through comprehensive services of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment in the Haut Katanga Region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo under PEPFAR.”

Katherine Keyesdoctorate and Andrew RundleDrPH, Epidemiology: $3,389,585 over five years from the National Institute of Mental Health for “Temperature, Shadow, and Adolescent Psychopathology: Understanding How Place Shapes Health.”

Jessie FordPhD, Sociomedical Sciences: $790,435 over five years from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism for “Alcohol-Related Sexual Assault Among Bisexual Women: Disentangling Mechanisms of Individual, Interpersonal, and Structural Levels of Risk Across the Lifetime.”

Ian LipkinMD, Infection and Immunity: $1,000,000 for one year from the Bacon Foundation Ltd. for the “Zambia and Southern Africa Pandemic Response Program of the Global Alliance for Pandemic Prevention”.

andrea bacarelliMD, PhD, Julian Ionita-Lazadoctorate and gary millerPhD, Environmental Health Sciences: $1,832,488 over five years from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences for the “‘Career MODE’ Program: Careers Through Mentoring and Training in Omics and Data for Early-Stage Researchers.”



Vincent Racaneillo, PhD, received the ASV Wolfgang and Patricia Joklik Distinguished Service Award from the American Society for Virology, in recognition of his service to the field of virology. Read more.

Brooke AggarwalEdD, was elected a 2022 Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine.

Nadia Ann Liyanage-DonDoctor in medicine, Meghan reading TurchioePhD, RN, and Churl-Su KwonMD, were named 2022 Health Equity Fellows for the Center for improving chronic disease outcomes through multilevel, multigenerational approaches that unify novel interventions and training for health equity, receiving $50,000 pilot grants funded by the Institute National Health and Minority Health Disparities for its research on chronic diseases.


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new york magazine
There is an antiviral for monkeypox, but try to get it
July 21, 2022: “We have these tools at our fingertips that if we mobilize very quickly, we have a chance of preventing this outbreak from spreading further and taking root, potentially endemic, in our population,” he said. Dr. Wafaa El Sadrprofessor of epidemiology and medicine at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

NBC News Online
Vitamin D Supplements Don’t Prevent Bone Fractures in Healthy Adults: Study
Jul 27, 2022: “The bottom line is that people generally shouldn’t be taking vitamins back and forth, and if you’re trying to prevent fractures, vitamin D alone isn’t enough,” he said. Dr. Ethel Sirisan endocrinologist who works with patients with osteoporosis in Columbia University Irving Medical Center In New York. She did not participate in the trial.

US News & World Report
AHA News: Study on Sleep in Older Adults Suggests Avoiding Naps and Strive to Get 7-9 Hours of Sleep a Night
Jul 26, 2022 – Whether naps affect lifetime cardiovascular risk is not yet known, said Marie-Pierre St-Ongedirector of the Sleep Center of Excellence and associate professor in Columbia University In New York. She noted that the new research, in which she was not involved, was restricted to older adults.

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